UCLM Programs

The United Christian Leadership Ministry founded, or currently participates in, the following programs.

Anti-Poverty Program

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo initiated this program, the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative, which seeks to eliminate poverty by ensuring that every child lives in a stable family environment where the promise of economic mobility is a reality. UCLM President Rev. Lewis Stewart serves on the steering committee.

Community Healers Program

… organizes faith based neighborhood associations of residents who desire to empower their fellow neighbors to reclaim their youths, reduce gun violence and crime, and provide resources to their neighborhoods.

Rochester Coalition for Police Reform

Comprised of over twenty community and ministerial partners, the Coalition for Police Reform advocates for:

  • An Independent Civilian Review Board
  • Personal body cameras worn by police officers while on duty
  • Ending unconstitutional stop and frisk search policies
  • Improving community understanding of individual rights to consent to be searched

United Christian Leadership Ministries is one of the partners in this work.

Community Safety Agenda

UCLM started this program, which seeks to improve community-police relationships through several initiatives. The Community Safety Agenda is a program of the Rochester Coalition for Police Reform.

PEACE: Partnerships in Excellence Achieving Careers and Education Initiative

… seeks to provide successful alternatives by improving the quality of life of participants through TASC/GED instruction, job training, employment, and mentoring. UCLM partners with BOCES2 and other stake holders in this program.

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